NewsCreative Geelong gets a logo
Our logo, created by Ian Priddle, Codeacious.

Creative Geelong Inc brandmark

Thinking about what sort of brandmark would adequately represent the purpose of Creative Geelong Inc meant many discussions and a call out to extended networks of bright minds.

In the end, there was a belief that through collective effort and a new perspective, the complexity of the issues Creative Geelong wants to tackle should be solved through simplicity. So a clean, uncomplicated design was born.

Ian Priddle, Creative Geelong Inc Vice President is a designer, a thinker, a natural collaborator and owns local app development business Codeacious.

When Ian unveiled the Creative Geelong Inc logo to the assembled committee, there was resounding approval for the design. While the simple features of the design had inspirations from Geelong's built and natural environments, it has come to mean other things as well.

Great art and design should speak to people on different levels and have different meanings.

The different shapes in the brandmark can represent the orb of the new library, the steeples of local churches, the squareness of wool stores or the arc of Corio Bay. To others, simple geometric shapes can be the building blocks of all design and geometry -- a method of thinking. Another has related it represents diversity without prejudice.

Whatever it might mean to you -- to us, it means a beginning and a future. A beginning for a group of people committed to supporting Geelong in the new economy. And a future for Geelong that is shared.

True collective collaboration. Creative Geelong.

Genuine networks that mix traditional silos of government, not for profit, community and business.

Let us know what it means to you and be part of the creative and innovative ecosystem that will support Geelong's social and economic future.

You can contact us here.