Vision for Little Malop Street Mall

  • Little Malop Street mall
  • Little Malop Street mall

There is strong need to reinvent the area of Little Malop Street between Moorabool and Yarra Streets. Resolving this space is necessary, not just for commercial viability of existing traders, or for the sense of security and safety for the community but as a vital part Geelong's sense of identity into the years to come.

Creative Geelong has identified an opportunity to activate the key spaces as a medium to longer term project to reinvigorate the Little Malop Street mall.

Having access to premises in the mall area to develop a creative industries precinct would be the first step. This activation of a creative industries precinct - the Creative Geelong hub - would include the following activities:

  • Activating buildings and space for visual and performing artists to meet, collaborate and exhibit works on a day to day basis.
  • Incorporate professional services tenants (part of creative industries cohort) to support the rental needs of the premises and provide administration and coordination to the creative industries precinct.
  • Provide a focal point for the establishment of a creative industries sector in the G21 region for strategic thinking, research, planning and project development.
  • Provide outreach to young people in the Geelong community interested in the creative industries as a career path (reference: YouthWorx program)
  • Artists and creators who access the creative industries precinct would participate, promote and develop the program of events and activities both inside the building and onto the mall area.

December 2015