Creative industries environmental scan

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Creative Geelong Inc is partnering with Dr Jude Walker from the Geelong Region Local Learning Employment Network to develop a comprehensive environmental scan of the creative industries in the G21 region. The creative industries generally includes activities associated with software and interactive content, film, TV and radio, publishing, architecture, visual arts and design, advertising, public relations and marketing services, and music and the performing arts. This scan will be finalised in 2017, but early findings include:

  • In 2015, there were 5,252 businesses in the G21 Region associated with creative industries
  • The creative industries sector contributes:
    • $1.6 Billion or 5.5% to the overall regional economic output
    • 7,839 jobs, or 8% of employment, to overall regional employment
    • $488 Million or 7.5% to overall regional wages and salaries in the G21 region

The scan will include an analysis of the creative industries labour market, a review of local, national and international research and activity within the creative industries and some future thinking regarding the impacts and opportunities of the creative industries for Geelong.

Click here to read the Regional Chapter from the Creative Industries Environmental Scan.

November 2015